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CryoGen® Tubes 1D CLEARLine®

  • CLEARLine® certificated Human DNA, PCR Inhibitor, DNase, RNase, Pyrogen, ATP free

  • Sterile beta-ray SAL10-6

  • Medical grade raw materials

  • Linear Barcode 128, unique and consecutive, printed on each vial

  • Bi-injected screw cap eliminates leakage and contamination

  • Star shaped top cavity for use with automatic decapper, manual vial picker and coloured cap disk

  • Writing area and printed graduations for accurate measurements

  • Autoclavable at 121°C steam for 20 minutes

  • Centrifuged at: 14.000 rpm - 19.000 xg

  • Designed for cryogenic storage of biological samples at temperatures down to -196 ° C

  • Fast cap screwing with only one hand

  • Locking base features prevents tubes rotating within the rack/workstation during capping and decapping

  • CE-IVD marked 

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